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Kristen Stewart Wanted Rupert Sanders To Direct 'Snow White and the Huntsman 2,' Robert Pattinson Was 'Flabbergasted' (Report)

Kristen Stewart wanted Rupert Sanders to direct Snow White and the Huntsman 2 and that led to the break up with Robert Pattinson according to

“Kristen wants Rupert Sanders to direct the second Snow White movie and Rob was flabbergasted that she would even want to work with him in any capacity after all that was done, adding that with the texts he found just blew his mind that she would test him like that,” a source told “She kept testing him over and over till he couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Stewart and Pattinson were supposed to spend his birthday together, but were seen fighting over the phone instead. By the weekend, they were broken up.

While some believe that they can still reconcile, for now, it seems that they have parted ways for the meantime.

“Rob has not moved out of Kristen’s house 100%. He still has some stuff there,” a source told “They pretty much haven’t seen each other since Saturday [May 18]. Rob really wants to focus on his next movie project now and needs time to just get away from all of the drama. Right now work is his priority.”


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