Kristen Stewart Spends Time with Taylor Lautner While Relationship with Robert Pattinson Remains Shaky?


While Robert Pattinson is in Australia filming The Rover, Kristen Stewart has been spending a lot of time with Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner.

”Kristen has been spending a lot of time with Taylor of late because she’s been using him as a sounding board for her relationship with Robert,” a source told Radar Online.

Reportedly Stewart is using Lautner, who is also very good friends with Pattinson, as a confidante and to get information from him.

“She thinks that he may have some insight in how she should proceed with Robert – and where their relationship is going,” a source said. “Taylor has just told Kristen that she has to give Robert time to heal still. It’s not even been a year since the now infamous cheating scandal, so he can’t be expected to forgive and forget so quickly.”

Stewart told Entertainment Weekly that she has in fact been spending a lot of time with Lautner, but it seems the two may just be catching up.

”It’s been so long since we’ve been in [L.A.] at the same time,” Stewart said. “I’ve been seeing a lot of that young lout.”

Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem that Stewart and Pattinson have been spending a lot of time together in the past few weeks. According to In Touch magazine Pattinson is not letting Stewart come to Australia.

“He felt like they needed space,” a friend of the couple told the magazine. “He wants a break.”

However, Gossip Cop is reporting that this is absolutely not the case.


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