Kristen Stewart Plans Something Special for Robert Pattinson's Return

The status of Robert Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's relationship has been the subject of incessant media reports, but it seems the couple is looking for some quiet, special time when Pattinson arrives home to L.A. from filming in Australia.

Stewart reportedly has special plans lined up for Pattinson upon his return.

“Kristen is beyond excited that Rob is coming back to LA soon and she’s planning to make his return extra special," a source tells Hollywoodlife. "She will do something mellow at the house and invite their close friends. In the past, they have had get togethers where they play music, hang out, eat and just have fun."

Despite the overwhelming breakup rumors about the couple it seems that they are still growing strong.

"She is super eager to see him. It’s been a really long time," the source continues. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Maybe Pattinson's work and time by himself has helped with their reported relationship issues?

 “The set really is in the middle of nowhere,” another source said. “A good drive from Adelaide, so it’s been the ideal setting for him to forget all his troubles and bury himself in his work. It’s the peace and quiet he has needed since his relationship woes with Kristen and the perfect way to reevaluate things.”


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