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Kristen Stewart Not Showering Since Break Up?

Kristen Stewart is allegedly so inconsolable over her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders (and probably coming to the realization that she has lost Robert Pattinson forever) she apparently hasn't showered in days.

The Twilight actress is staying at the house of her producer friend Giovanni Agnelli, who has been very vocal on Twitter showing his support to his friend that he considers a little sister:

He's screening her calls and helping her out so that she doesn't have to appear in public. According to The Examiner, she has been crying nonstop at the realization of what she's done, and has been wearing the same T-shirt and shorts for days.

If this is true (and trust me I'm taking every 'report' about this whole situation with a grain of salt) she needs to pull herself together. What`s done is done and it can`t be undone. How she is being vilified in the media is disturbing to me though. We forgive celebrities that have committed far worse crimes than her, but people are being beyond cruel with respect to her. Rupert Sanders is not getting anywhere near the ignorant remarks and name-calling that she is. It's almost like it's a non-issue insofar as he is concerned (in the media and public eye). That's something I will never understand and bothers my lady biscuits more than I can articulate. I mean it's 2012 but sometimes it doesn't feel like it.


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