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Kristen Stewart Leaving Robert Pattinson’s for Best Friend Tamra Natisin?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s relationship has been in the news a lot lately due to the fact that Rob has been away in Australia for a long time. Now reports are saying Kristen has moved on from Rob and now in the arms of her best friend Tamra Natisin.

According to some gossip sites, the two are now in a romantic relationship that has developed while Rob has been filming.  The two have apparently been spending a lot of time together as Kristen tries to cope with Rob’s absence.

A source told EntertainmentWise, “It’s obvious to all of her [Kristen Stewart's] friends that there’s a romance brewing between them.”

The source later explains the two spent the night ignoring everyone else because they were too deep into their conversation with one another.

Of course, Entertainment Wise later goes on to say that this is probably just another rumor to add to the long list of things said about Kristen Stewart.

It seems this information about Kristen moving on is too good to be true and that she is probably just having a good time hanging with her close friends.

Source: EntertainmentWise


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