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Kristen Stewart Hanging Out With Rupert Sanders While Robert Pattinson Is Out Of Town?

Robert Pattinson is currently out of town to and it looks like Kristen Stewart met up with a man that looked very similar to Rupert Sanders, HollywoodLife reports, the married director she had an affair with.

HollywoodLife reports that Stewart was seen getting into a car that looks like Sanders' with a man that "looks exactly like" him. The photos were taken at L.A.'s Malo Taqueria restaurant.

However, Gossip Cop is reporting that the person in the picture is not Sanders and the photo was taken on April 19. Gossip Cop says that the friends in the photos are in fact, Pattinson's friends.

"Kristen Stewart went out with a group including Robert Pattinson’s friends on Friday, before he left Los Angeles, and then left without anyone even resembling Rupert Sanders," Gossip Cop writes. "When we double-checked with a source close to Stewart about this latest absurdity, the person literally laughed."

Stewart and Sanders had an affair last year, that subsequently resulted in Stewart and Pattinson breaking up and Sanders' marriage to Liberty Ross ending. Pattinson and Stewart are back together.


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