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Kristen Stewart Goes From Grunge to Glam in these Sexy Photos

In a new photo shoot for the September issue of W Magazine, actress Kristen Stewart transforms from a teenage vampire lover to a sexy siren out of the 1960s. The 21-year-old actress, known for her grunge style, really glams it up with leather and fur, retro hair and some dramatic Liz Taylor-ish eye make-up.

Stewart, who plays the love interest vampire Edward Cullen, told W about shooting the final installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn. “For me, it was ridiculously dramatic: I get married, give birth, the baby has an incredibly accelerated growth rate we’re all very concerned about, and I say goodbye to my dad for the last time ever.”

Like the Harry Potter finale, it will be released in two parts, with the first one opening in theaters in November.

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(Photo by W Magazine)

Stewart also gave an insider’s account of her last scenes in the popular film series: “I’d been anticipating that end-of-Bella moment. I was going, 'Oh, my God—I wonder how I’m going to feel.' Every single character was there on set. At the end of that day, I was kind of whacked. And so I never really had that moment then. Instead, it happened later.”

"We needed to film one more sort of honeymoon scene and we went to the Virgin Islands. After that scene, my true final scene, I felt like I could shoot up into the night sky and every pore of my body would shoot light. I felt lighter than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Fortunately, Kristen the loves books by Stephanie Meyer, on which the movies are based, so the flicks were a joy to do. “I f*****g love me a vampire. I was 17 when I read Twilight, and at the time it was so perfect for me. The script was about young kids who think they can handle stuff that they just can’t.”

She adds, “And they’re going to do it anyway. Because, why not? Just torture yourself. I relate to that. Vampires are a little dangerous and we girls like to test ourselves.”

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(Photo by W Magazine)


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