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Kristen Stewart Gets Revenge on Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart broke down in tears after seeing photos of boyfriend Robert Pattinson with Sarah Roemer.

A friend told In Touch magazine that after seeing the photos, Stewart started crying over the phone with Pattinson and “Kristen flipped out.” Even after Pattinson reassured her that “it was just a bunch of friends having drinks together,” she decided to take revenge by flirting with his friend.

Stewart called Pattinson’s friend Marcus Foster who contributed two songs to the Twilight soundtrack. The friend revealed,

“Rob doesn’t like how close Kristen is with Marcus. Rob asked her to stop calling him so much, but she refuses.”

Though Pattinson is very close to Marcus, he doesn’t like that Marcus refers to Stewart as his “muse” and that Stewart has been “leaning on [him] a lot lately. Rob and Marcus are good friends, and Kristen is playing off of that to make Rob jealous. She likes having someone to make Rob jealous and remind him that other guys find her attractive.”

And the saga continues…..


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