Kristen Stewart Fell for Rupert Sanders Because of Fear of Horses

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By now we think it's fair to say that everyone involved in Kristen Stewart's affair (except for Robert Pattinson himself) has explained how awful the whole episode is. Kristen's very sorry, the man who kissed her down below is very sorry, his wife is very sorry, the postman and the milkmen are sorry, we're even more sorry than the postman, you're even more sorry than we are, and that fat girl with backward teeth who loves Twilight is more sorry than all of us put together.

Yet we still don't really know why this whole slightly suspicious affair even happened in the first place. Why would Kristen Stewart cheat on her charming and handsome actor (albeit a bad one) boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and at the same time why would Rupert Sanders want to do anything with a girl who always has her face screwed up like she's just tasted her own wee?

Horses, apparently.

According to a source, Stewart was terrified of horses after falling off one a couple of years ago, and to help her get over it, Sanders surounded her with them on the set of Snow White and The Huntsman (Via The Daily Star):

“Rupert wanted Kristen in a dramatic scene in Snow White And The Huntsman with hundreds of soldiers galloping at breakneck speeds.

“He spent hours alone coaching her, giving her confidence and encouragement.”

“It was a bond that became a love affair.”

Sweet Jesus, that has got to be the corniest story we've ever heard. Robert, if you're reading this, firstly you're a terrible actor, please stop, but more importantly, it sounds like you dodged a bullet there. They bonded over her fear of horses? A HA HA HA HA.

Anyone who's been given The Notebook as a 'present' will understand exactly how bad things like this can get if they're left unchecked: "BUT SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHO HE WAS" you say. But maybe she did and just hated his fucking guts enough to pretend she didn't, eh? Not that anyone would ever do that with Ryan Gosling in real life of course, but unlike Robert Pattinson, he's a competent actor.


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