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Kristen Stewart Confronted Katy Perry About Robert Pattinson While He Found Comfort In Perry After Split (Report)

Kristen Stewart was reportedly very angry about Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry's relationship, even going as far to confront Perry about it.

"Kristen called Katy to ask her straight out," a source told Now Magazine. "Katy was stunned and things got awkward. She said there was no way she was messing with Rob, but Kristen didn't believe her. Katy got off the phone as soon as she could."

Meanwhile, Pattinson reportedly turned to Perry following his split from Stewart.

"He and Kristen were arguing and Rob found comfort in Katy," a source told Now magazine.
"She's fun to be with, not moody like Kristen."

However, according to Us Weekly Magazine Pattinson and Perry are just friends.

"They are not a couple," a source told Us Weekly. "They are friends and it’s only that!”


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