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Kristen Stewart Always Thought Robert Pattinson Had Feelings For Katy Perry (Report)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been broken up for over a month now, and Pattinson has reportedly been leaning on friend katy Perry since the split. However, some reports claim that Pattinson and Perry are more than just friends and that Stewart always had a feeling it would happen.

"Kristen was never fully comfortable with Rob and Katy's relationship. She always suspected he had a soft spot for her," a source told Grazia. "She's furious that the pair seem to have got together without so much as a word to her."

Stewart even reportedly thinks that something could have happened between them before her and Pattinson split.

"She seems paranoid that something could have gone on before she split with Rob," the source continued.

Meanwhile, Perry and Pattinson have reportedly been spending more time together.

"He's been having such fun hanging out with Katy and bought her little cat-themed presents, which she loves," an insider shared. "They've also been bonding over their love of antiques. Rob seems really happy - something he never was in the last few months with Kristen."


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