Kristen Bell: Russell Brand "Sweet Boy, Underneath That Wig"

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When Kristen Bell and Russell Brand first met, it was on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which of course, was before Katy Perry entered the picture and Russell was still a womanizer. Kristen tells Britain’s Daily Mail that she set him straight:

“I made it really clear from the beginning that I would sock him in the b***s if he tried anything. So he was intimidated, truth be told,” she said. “Actually, I loved working with Russell. I may be the only woman in the world who would shout that from the rooftops, but I did.”

She adds he’s a:

“really sweet boy, underneath that wig.”

LOL.  Underneath that wig! I love Kristen. I totally get her, you know? And, of course, when they first met, Russell was wearing very tight pants:

“I had a hard time keeping a straight face when he was around and every time I saw him, I’d think, ‘This dude’s got a better figure than I do.’"

And now his figure is Katy Perry’s, forever and ever. It’s hard to believe that was just two years ago that they filmed that movie.


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