Is Kris Jenner Demanding and Narcissistic?

InTouch Weekly wrote a check to Robert Kardashian’s widow who was willing to fork over his old diaries and most recently Kris Jenner’s psychiatric evaluation from their 90s divorce battle. The mental health evaluation report allegedly took place during Kris’ divorce from the late Robert Kardashian and is an official court document. She must have had those files saved in a safety deposit box in the middle of a desert for safekeeping. Seems like a strange thing to just keep around considering he died more than 10 years ago.

Kris is described as “narcissistic…[with] a marked elevation of the narcissistic scale,” according to a new report from In Touch magazine. She is also slammed for her actions and responses, with the report describing her as “demanding,” “manipulative,” and having “a Cinderella attitude where situations resulted in everyone living ‘happily ever after.’” The evaluation of Kris, 57, who is now married to Bruce Jenner, said she “believed she was a loving mother to her children,” however, “her sense of self is based much more on fantasy than realistic considerations.” Robert claimed that his wife was “reckless and non-motherly.”

It kind of makes sense, no? Telling everyone her daughter’s second trip down the aisle was like a royal wedding even though her claim to fame was a Vivid video made with her quasi-rapper ex-boyfriend? Dressing like she is one of her 30-year-old daughters? Forcing her miserable diamond earring-wearing husband to remain married to her in order to protect her brand? Overlooking her daughter’s high school education so they can have their own breakout reality show or be able to model for a Japanese bag line? Bankrolling her lazy son’s luxury sock line so he has somewhere to go when he’s not playing video games and reorganizing his closets? Etc. Etc.

Come to think about it…. Maybe she should leave Bruce and shack up with my dad?

From my dad’s most recent letter to me:

“I wonder if you are watching Downtown Abbey on PBS, it is all the rage around here. I can relate to a lot of it, being half English, and living in England myself.”

This is the same guy that speaks with a fake Irish accent, now goes by his Gaelic name, and claims he was a part of major historical moments in Irish political history over the last 30 years. Now he relates to a show about English aristocracy and their servants.

They could be good together. Bruce could get the divorce he so badly wants and Kris and my dad could have a spin off show called Crazy Love. Could be a ratings hit.

-Kate Casey

Kate Casey is a Pop Culture Lover. PR Pro. Soon-to-be New mom again. Comedy nerd. Celebrity gossip fan. Follow her on Twitter @KateCasey


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