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Kris Jenner Announces 'Be a Kardashian for a Day' Contest

Kris Jenner is trying to get people to watch her new talk show, Kris, and in the process of doing so has offered a "Be a Kardashian/Jenner for a day" contest to generate more interest.

In a YouTube video announcing it, she says, "In celebration of that I'm inviting you guys to submit a video to enter a contest to be a Kardashian-Jenner for the day. I'm excited because the winner gets $5,000 worth of seed money for your own entrepreneurial project, a $1,000 gift certificate shopping day at DASH and tickets to the Kris Jenner Show."

She asked, "So what's not to love?"

There's no word yet on the deadline for the contest.

Sources: ICYDK


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