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Kris Humphries Mocks Kanye West

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What does a grown man-boy like Kris Humphries do when he signs a grown up deal like he did with the Brooklyn Nets? He mocks Kanye West via Twitter.

The Nets are partially owned by Jay Z who is best friends with Kanye, who is dating Kris' ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Are you keeping up? Why would Kris mock Kanye? Well after Kris and Kim were married, Kanye released a song that stated his love for Kim (as she was getting married) and how if he wanted to, he could get his pal Jay Z to can lurch's sorry ass. Now that the 2 year, $24 million deal has been signed man-boy lurchy pants is getting the last laugh on Twitter:

"I'm up at Brooklyn! @S_C_ 'lucky I didn't have Jay drop me from the team' lol!"

The more I see, read and know about Kris, the less I like about him. While I understand he got the last laugh (for now) just let it go already. Although I haven't written anything of it lately, this whole is his ex-girlfriend pregnant thing is bizarre. First it's reported that she is in fact pregnant and she was going to take him to court. Then it's reported that she's not pregnant and has dropped her lawsuit and now she's attacking Kim via Twitter because Kim is trying to subpoena her to court.

Either way congrats to Kris for the huge payday, but just allow Kim her freedom and let her divorce your lurchy ass from your 72 day marriage.

Call me crazy but I like Kim and Kanye together. They seem to have brought the best out in each other. It looks like the real deal from here.


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