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“Knight and Day:” Bit of Fun to Make it Summer Worthy

Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance and Thriller
Running Time: 1 hr. 50 min.
Release Date: June 23rd, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of action violence throughout, and brief strong language.
Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution

Directed by: James Mangold

JJ Rating: B

See it again: Bits of it if it showed on TV.
Own it: Nah.
Recommend it to: no one in particular.

Roy, a covert agent (Tom Cruise), runs into June the civilian (Cameron Diaz) on accident-purpose. Accident means no movie. Purpose means movie. Then they travel about avoiding death over a small contraption that could power cities. Knight and Day.

Cruise acts crazy off-screen, spewing weird ideas that come from a group he associates with. He then chooses a part that highlights crazy in a character that appears to be, but is not. What does that say about Cruise? That he’s a good actor, but a weird person. Cruise and Diaz create an entertaining duo. Cruise is an amazing actor who has eluded the political Oscar for years. He may not be worth all that money based on box office returns, but if based on skill, he earns it every time.

I liked the way Cruise said "June," whenever he saw her. “Hi, June.” Simple and funny for no good reason, it just sounded good. The bantering worked when it existed. Cruise not on screen: the movie starts to drag. He pulls the film on his own; without him it’s bland. Roy’s parents cracked me up. “You don’t know what you’re typin’ into that computer.” Lines like that one are not funny by themselves; they need a boost from an actor and then they become more than a 2-D line. They get life.

The running time dragged toward the end. No feet dragging, just a minor slow driver drag. It’s like the driver that drives two miles per hour slower than the posted speed. You want them to go, and they go - they just don’t GO! If it had tightened the time and cut off lose ends, it could have been a quick action/banter movie, then I’d have given it a B+ easily.

Knight and Day is a play on words. The movie isn’t added to the craptastic summer list. It still had a bit of fun in it to make it summer worthy. Do not rush out and see it, not worth that. It’s decent fun. It could be that crappy movies have lowered my standard. Eh.


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