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Knife Thrower Almost Kills His Assistant On TV Show (Video)

A knife thrower accidentally cut his assistant during the TV show "Lithuania's Got Talent."

The TV audience gasped as the knife thrower cut his assistant's left hand at the 1:15 mark and almost cut his right during a wild toss at the 1:32 mark (video below).

The assistant was holding some playing cards while the knife thrower tossed the blades, noted the Daily Mail.

Even though he was cut by one of the knives, the assistant bravely stood for the finale, which was a watermelon placed above his head.

The knife thrower was unable to hit the large fruit, but came close to planting a knife in the assistant's head.

After the perilous stunt was over, the knife thrower tried to wipe some blood off the stage with his shoe, reports

Sources:, Daily Mail
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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