Kirstie Alley Loses 60 Pounds, Almost Fits Into 22-Inch-Waist Dress


Since losing 60 pounds on Dancing With the Stars, Kirstie Alley seems to think she’s teeny tiny.  The world has been rolling their eyes and wondering where her head is at. Well, she says:

“My goal dress has a waist that’s 22 inches,” she shares with Life & Style. “I tried it on, and I can almost zip it up.” She plans to wear the dress on her Italian vacation in a few weeks. “I’ll be my target size by then.”

Kirstie Alley Talks DWTS Diet

She plans to keep this weight off this time. We all saw her put it on and lose it roller coaster style in the past, so I hope she can do it this time.

“I’ve been dancing almost every day since the show ended,” she confides. “I like all the Latin dancing. It’s the best exercise and the best cardio.”

What do you think?  Will she be able to keep those pesky pounds off?


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