Kirstie Alley Will Win DWTS, Thanks to Scientology


Kirstie Alley is taking her national platform with Dancing With The Stars and turning it into her personal buy my weight loss program thing and now she is also making it all about Scientology.

Pop Eater is reporting that Kirstie thinks she can win because of Scientology. Umm, yeah, so if she loses does that mean she will give it all up? I know she credits the religion with saving her life, but I think any kind of formalized structure would have probably done the same thing.

What has it done for her lately? It has not helped her lose weight or succeed with her career. It did not get her that Oprah talk show. It has not made her a more charming person.

Apparently she is also trying to convert her partner Maksim. Yeah, so that must get annoying. Tango and then e-meter. Cha Cha Cha and then an auditing session. Maksim must be having the time of his life. Yeah, I threw in a Dirty Dancing song reference there.

Hey, it is a dancing show. I think Maksim will probably just take a pass on the whole Scientology thing.


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