Kirsten Dunst Falls off Wagon, May be Heading to Rehab


Apparently Kirsten Dunst has fallen off the wagon, and she did so in spectacular fashion.

Nothing like a whole group of people seeing you literally fall down because you are too drunk to stand. It all happened last month at an afterparty for a Maroon 5 concert. Of course, if I went to a Maroon 5 concert, I would probably have to drink myself through it too.

"She staggered around the room, bumping into furniture while trying to dance. She was completely out of it." Well, I am willing to say that even if she had not been downing vodka tonics, it can be tough to dance when there are a great number of people around. "At one point, Kirsten slipped, but her boyfriend Jason Boesel caught her before she hit the floor. Just a few minutes later, she fell headfirst into his lap, says the eyewitness."

OK, well, yes, that might be a sign that you are drunk. What was probably even more embarrassing for Kirsten was after this all happened, her friends took her aside and told her she needed to go back to rehab.


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