Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ Wins Worst Film At Razzies

While "Birdman" won Best Picture at the Academy Awards tonight, Kirk Cameron's film "Saving Christmas" won worst film at the annual 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards (Razzies) last night.

Cameron "and his ego" won worst screen combo for "Saving Christmas."

Cameron also won worst actor, while his film won worst screenplay, noted USA Today.

Actress Cameron Diaz took home worst actress for her performances in "Sex Tape" and "The Other Woman."

The Razzies were held at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood, not too far from where the Oscars were tonight.

Ben Affleck won the Razzie Redeemer Award for going from a 2004 Golden Raspberry for "Gigli" to winning a Best Director for "Argo" in 2012, noted Rolling Stone.

Director Michael Bay won worst director for "Transformers: Age of Extinction."

Megan Fox and Kelsey Grammer won worst supporting actress and actor.

As usual, the winners didn't show up, although Sandra Bullock put in a good-natured appearance when she won worst actress in 2010 for "All About Steve."

Sources: Rolling Stone, USA Today
Image Credit: Saving Christmas Product Image


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