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Kinds of texture of flooring

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The atmosphere, ambience and the warmth of any home can give the place an edge over others. Choose the elements of your home so appealing that they welcome the visitors. Color, strength, texture to home or office furniture can be added with floorings.

The only link between common man and royalty is wooden flooring or furniture. Laminate flooring and bamboo flooring are kinds of flooring which are durable and rough and tough to function. The wooden texture has to be coarse and resistant. The different properties of wood vary from kinds of woods available. Very hard and soft quality of foods is available.

Woods are divided in 2 huge categories:
1) Hardwood
2) Softwood

Some woods will be tough and some flexible, which can be moulded easily. Engineered wood floors are made from wood made by the leaves lost by trees during spring and winter. To renovate home flooring is excellent feature. If you are looking for the appropriate wood suitable for your home and to compliment walls then be careful in selection. You may find many woods with features such as open pores and compact pores. Many woods also have natural figures on their surfaces like Birdseye and quilting.

Red and white oak will have open pores and walnut may be more prone to stains and dirt. Due to pores being open dust settles fast.
Maple and cherry are compact pore wood. We can give good finishing due to smooth texture. Even the quality of furniture depends on the smooth distinctive surface of wood.

Below classification of hardwood may simplify your flooring material choice:

Its reddish brown color wood with fine texture. Its resistant capacity to shrinking, swelling and warping makes it durable. Mahogany is very much used in quality furniture and boat construction.

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Box elder Maple: This texture is very hard. Its best used in flooring and wooden ware due to its easy combinations. Though it has reasonable shrinkage.

Cherry: Its color changes to red when it faces sunlight. It has compact pores. It grows well due to its good shell life. Solid furniture handles, novelties and wooden cabinets are made from cherry.

Oak: Apart from being durable oak also has flexibility to bend easily. Oak is good for flooring, furniture like desks can be made. Wooden framing and trimming can also be done.

Its known as white walnut or butternut found mostly in eastern America. With its fine strong coat, good finishing can be given to it. Walnut can resist shrinking and warping. Generally used to make solid and layered furniture, cabinetry and wall panelling.

Teak: It’s commonly preferred wood and very popular for making furniture with smooth and beautiful grain. It is flexible, durable and moisture resistant even it doesn't cracks and decay. Shipbuilding, doors, window framing and flooring, basic wooden products are made from this wood.

In later sections you will find details on above mentioned kinds of wood and other suitable for flooring.


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