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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Workout, Her Trainer Speaks

Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, recently revealed to Shape Magazine what the famous reality bride-to-be has been doing to get in shape for her upcoming wedding on August 20.

Peterson, who has trained celebs such as Jennifer Lopez and Sylvester Stallone, has been working out with Kim three to five times a week for the past couple of months. Peterson said that Kim’s workout is similar to what she did before, except she is quickening her pace.

Kim does five sets of exercises to target her arms, shoulders, thighs, core and butt. The reality star is also doing push-ups for arm and chest toning, medicine ball rotations for her abs; rear lunges to work her bottom and thighs, and a sled push for strength.

Last night, Kim displayed the results of her workout in an animal print jump suit as she plugged 'The Kardashian Kollection,' a new clothing line for Sears.

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Kim won't be wearing Sears brands for her wedding. She and her famous sisters were seen at Vera Wang's in Los Angeles where they had their final fittings for the highly anticipated wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Kim is thought to be wearing two creations by Wang, a family friend, who also designed Khloe's of $30,000 wedding dress. Kim is said to have asked guests to wear white and black so that she can shine in a colored wedding dress.


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