Kim Kardashian's Stepmom Claims Her, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Weren't At Their Father's Deathbed


Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are all locked in a bitter battle with their stepmother, over their father's, Robert Kardashian's, private diaries. Now Ellen, is caiming that the sisters and Rob were not at their father's side when he died.

“When he passed away his children were not there. My daughter was there and three friends of ours," said in a transcript obtained by “They were there early in the morning. I don’t know why they didn’t come back. They knew that it would be soon, and they knew it would be that evening.”

Ellen said that her and Kardashian found out about his terminal illness shortly after their honeymoon and called a family meeting.

“We called a family meeting. Of course, wanted to include them in on everything," she said. "Let them know exactly where he stood as far as stage 4 and terminal. It was very sad for all of us. His children were around. Of course it was an open door policy at our home. They could come any time they wanted. They could spend the night. They could spend as much time as they wanted with their father."

However, Ellen claims that the Kardashian children didn't come around as much as she thought.

“I think it was very difficult for them as it was for everyone. They came at different times. From time to time they would come together. Robert Jr. lived with us, so he was there on a daily basis. The girls would stop in when they wanted to,” Ellen said. “I really think that it was very important for him to have his family. He was very family oriented. That was his life, with his children. So yes, I know that he was very sad about that… Robert would have been very sad had he known that his children were not there by his bedside.”

“I found that to be very, very sad,” Ellen said of Robert’s children not being there when he passed.


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