Kim Kardashian's Secret Calls To Reggie Bush Upsetting Kanye West?


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have been broken up for three years, but the two have remained friendly. Since Kardashian and Bush's girlfriend have become pregnant, it seems the two's friendship has really sparked back up.

“They have had several phone calls after he reached out to congratulate her on her pregnancy,” a family insider told OK magazine. “With his own baby on the way, they had a lot to talk about.”

Despite the fact that Bush and Kardashian broke up years ago and they are both expecting children with their significant others, West is reportedly not to keen on the two exes being friends.

[Kanye] isn’t thrilled that Reggie has been trying to rekindle his friendship with Kim. When they first started dating, Kanye didn’t want to start a relationship until he knew she was over her exes. Kanye knows that [Reggie] was Kim’s one great love, and the only guy she listened to before he came along,” the insider added.

This reportedly is upsetting Kardashian.

“[Kim] doesn’t want anyone telling her who she can be friends with.” the source continued. “Kim thinks Kanye’s being paranoid and can’t believe he wouldn’t trust her!"

However, a source tells Gossip Cop that there's no friction between West and Kardashian over Bush.


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