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Kim Kardashian vs. The Gap

Kim Kardashian‘s reputation is precious … very precious.

Kim filed a lawsuit againstOld Navy last July for using a dark-haired model/singer in a TV commercial that looked eerily similar to the socialite.

Kim alleges that The Gapdamaged her reputation” by using a look-a-like in the commercial.

Melissa Molinaro, the look-a-like in the commercial, does bear a strong resemblance to Kardashian.


Well it looks like karma is about to bite her in the ass.

The Gap has hired high-profile lawyerLouis Petrich to launch an investigation into Kim’s so-called reputation.

Experts predict that resolving the case could take about a year and that Kardashian herself, as well as her doppelganger and the creative forces behind the commercial, could end up on the witness stand.

YES! It will hopefully air on Court TV.

They really don’t have to look too hard, now do they?

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