Is Kim Kardashian Trying to Get Pregnant?


According to In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian has stopped taking her birth control and is doing "everything she can" to have a baby with Kanye West. If there is a God, he will not let this happen.

"Kim is ready to have babies and talks about it all the time," reveals a Kardashian insider to In Touch. And since she's been on the pill for around 15 years, reports another source, Kim, 31, is taking "the necessary measures" to make it easier to conceive.

Whoa, everybody. Before you guys start checking the baby registry at Victoria's Secret, I have two things you need to know: First, Victoria's Secret doesn't have a baby registry. That would be too slutty -- even for them. Second, You can't get pregnant through the butt, so we're safe for now . . . *does Sign of the Cross*


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