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Kim Kardashian Sues Former Publicist Jonathan Jaxson, Who Claimed Her Wedding Was a Sham

Jonathan Jaxson has been flapping his gums in the last week or so claiming that he used to do PR work forKim Kardashian and further claiming that he knows her marriage to Kris Humphries was a sham.

Turns out Mr. Jaxson has a new book and is doing a publicity tour. He apparently worked for Kim ONE TIME many years ago (on a blog). She doesn't even remember him, and further she claims he signed a confidentiality agreement so she's hired pitbull lawyerMarty Singer and is suing Jaxson for $200,000 clams. Singer tells TMZ:

 "Everything that he is saying is false and nonsense … This guy is in it to promote himself for his 15 mins of fame."

Jaxson has claimed he has an agreement in front of him that is unsigned by both parties:

"I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian.  I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties signature on it."

If it is true he worked for Kim one time many years ago (and has no relationship at all with her now), it's pretty sad he has to go to that trouble to get press for his book, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes, yes? Regardless we hardly needed him to tell us.


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