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Kim Kardashian Speaks About Her 72 Day Marriage

Kim Kardashian was the co-host on today’s Live With Kelly where she spoke out about her divorce from her husband of 72 days, the backlash and much more!!

Kardashian stated,

“I didn’t think following my heart would create this much backlash”

As rumors of a sham wedding and her only goal was to profit from her nuptials flooded the Internet following the pair’s split, Kim revealed if it was a businessdeal – she isn’t much of a business woman and she would have stayed married longer.

She also stated,

“I definitely tried everything I felt like I could … I want babies. I want forever love. I just felt like, you know, if I feel in my heart that this isn’t right, then why wait years to have the same result?”

So what’s next for Kim?

“I really learned that i just need to rewrite my fairytale,” she said.

Do you think it is possible for Kim to find her ‘happily ever after’?


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