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Kim Kardashian Says She Might Get Married Again

Kim Kardashian did an interview with Ryan Seacrest where she admitted that she would get married again, as she has always wanted marriage.

"I do think I would get married again," she said. Her divorce from Kris Humphries has finally went through after months of battle. "That's what I've always wanted. And just because you think you find it and realize that's not it, I think I was brave enough to realize that quickly and not waste time."

"I found what I really wanted," she said of dating Kanye West. "So I think I definitely do want that."

Her sister Khloe chimed in and said she is truly happy.

"You can tell by the smile on her face," she said. 

Kim said this time around, though, she will keep her private life more private.

"I felt like I gave so much of myself publicly," she said. "And when you make mistakes it's embarrassing. I'm going to be a mom, so I feel myself getting really protective."

Sources: ICYDK


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