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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rumors Debunked: Weight, Baby Names, Gender and More

Since Kim Kardashian first became pregnant, a lot of news has floated around about how much weight she has gained.

Kim told Access Hollywood, during a press junket for her role in Tyler Perry’s Temptation, that she hasn’t gained as much weight as people might think.

“It's tough when you see people make all these assumptions. Like, you know, 'She's gained 75 pounds. And I'm like, 'I haven't even gained half of that yet!” said Kim.

Kim said the rumors don’t bother her and that she has learned over the years not to let news like this bother her.

Kim also told Access Hollywood that she is enjoying dressing her pregnant body.

“Yes, we have found out [the sex]. We've not told anybody, besides our family,” said Kim when discussing the rumors about the gender and baby names for her and Kanye West’s child.

Kim says her and Kanye have a lot of names but they aren’t just focusing on names that start with the letter “K.”

(Yahoo! News)


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