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Weird: Kim Kardashian's Windex Diet

Who needs QuickTrim when you can spray Windex on everything that you were planning on inhaling? In order to keep her figure at a decent size, Kim Kardashian utilizes the Windex diet. Wanna stay thin that badly?

Here’s what you do: Take two bites of that delicious burger from In-N-Out and eat two french fries, and then douse the rest with Windex. Step four: Profit!

Kim needs to slap a celebrity endorsement for Windex, because at about $4.00 a bottle, it’s inexpensive and effective! Look at me sounding like a commercial!

While at the White House Correspondents Dinner, she was seated next to Ryan Seacrest, where she spilled her little diet secret.

She said, “I spray Windex on my food so I won’t eat it!” Ryan then said, “What do you do, carry it around in your purse?”

She replied, giggling, that she only uses it at home mostly, but when she’s out and about, she pours some soda on her food to stop the temptation.

Next up, a denial by Kim and another ad for QuickTrim! 

source: Kim Kardashian’s Diet Secret: Windex - [anything hollywood]

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