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Is Kim Kardashian Headed for Rehab?

Kim Kardashian is headed to rehab? At least according to certain unreliable gossip blogs who seem to hear things that are not there – but we highly doubt it. Star Mag, the same organization that broke the Mariah Yeater story/scam is behind this new wacky ploy for attention.

We know going to rehab is the cool thing to do for celebs looking for sympathy and attention – but in Kim’s case she just has too much going on – she is too successful to bother with this form of self-indulgence. Besides do they have a special rehab for bitches who dump their husbands?

Also featured in the latest issue of Star is Mariah Yeater claiming that she has proof that Justin is her baby daddy. Ya right.

Kim Kardashian’s fame is the most amazing phenomenon – she has really never done anything worth mentioning and yet her name is on everyone’s lips – why is that?

To find out all this and more pick up the current issue of Star Magazine!


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