Kim Kardashian Gives Relationship Advice


Aw, Kim Kardashian says Kanye West makes her feel "special." I bet that feeling has nothing to do with how rich he is. It's why she's fallen in love with so many homeless guys in her life.

Via Contact Music:

"It's been tough since the break up of my marriage but I always believed I would find love again and I'm so happy I have. I'm always smiling in Kanye's company and he makes me feel so special."

Kim and Kanye were friends for eight years before embarking on a romantic relationship and the brunette beauty thinks that is why they work so well as a couple.

She said: "Me and Kanye spend time as friends first and I see a real benefit in that. Once a relationship goes past the honeymoon phase, you need the strong base of friendship to keep it working."


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