Is Kim Kardashian Firing Her Mom/Manager Kris Jenner?

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According to reports, Kim is tired of being managed by her mother Kris Jenner and is now pulling away to negotiate her own deals.

You would think after closing a $40 million deal with E! that Kris had proved herself to be the ultimate momager, but alas Kim wants to take control.

Kim is currently working on a deal to become the spokesperson for TAO in Las Vegas and she is completely cutting her mom out.

Kim is reportedly asking for $150,000 per appearance. Had Kris been involved Kim would have to pay her 10% or $15,000!

Apparently, Kim has been slowly pulling away from her momager ever since the whole Kris Humphries marriage debacle.

Kim even tweeted a very cryptic message that could be aimed at her mother saying:

Kris Jenner has just taken to her website to address the rumors that her daughters are ditching her.

Kris says the story is ridiculous and that she has a great relationship with her daughters.

Isn’t it interesting though that she didn’t address the fact that Kim is negotiating her own deals?

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