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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Considering Christ With A 'K' For Baby Name (Report)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are looking to give their baby a "unique" moniker. While the reports surrounding North being a consideration have created much buzz, a new report would surely rival those. Kardashian and West are reportedly considering naming their baby Christ with a "K!"

“Kayne likes the name Khrist,” a close friend of Kim’s told Naughty But Nice Rob. “I know it is shocking, but let’s remember this is a guy that is naming his new CD ‘I Am A God.’ So it makes perfect sense that the child of a god would be named Christ with a K.”

Kardashian has spoken about West wanting to give the baby a unique name and thinking it would be cute to give it a "K" name, but Khrist really pushes the envelope.

“This is a huge decision but it is Kayne who is taking the lead,” a friend of the couple’s said. “He thinks a name is far more important than Kim does. Yes, Kim wants the perfect name that is unusual and fun but she thinks it’s just a name. Where Kayne sees a name as a much more than a name, he sees it as a brand.”


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