Kid Rock's New Trainer: Surf Legend Laird Hamilton


The Born Free hitmaker started working out with superfit Hamilton when he discovered the bronzed hunk was his neighbour in Malibu, California – and the two have become close friends.

Rock, real name Bob Ritchie, admits Hamilton’s pool work-outs with weights and golfballs really help him battle hangovers the morning after wild parties.

He tells Men’s Journal magazine, “Laird’s running the show. He’s the guy yelling at you the whole time… He leaves me alone a little bit because he knows I’m the skinny kid in the rock band, but he’s real fun to work out with.”

And Hamilton admits he’s very fond of his new pal: “He has all the traits I respect and admire.”

The pair’s work-outs include lifting weights from the bottom of Hamilton’s pool and standing on golfballs.

The surfer says. “It (standing on golfballs) hurts like s**t, but it’ll light up your nervous system.”


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