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Director Kevin Smith Loses 65 Pounds

Kevin Smith has slimmed down. The movie director has lost 65 pounds!  

“I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight,” Smith told Joy Behar on her HLN show Tuesday.

“I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin. I’ll never be thin.”

If you remember, Smith was kicked off a Southwest airline flight because he was deemed too heavy.  Smith admits that the controversial decision did however get him to think about his weight. 

“I felt at that moment, I was like, ‘You know what? I’ll lose the weight, but I’m not putting on thinner clothes,’ ” he says.

“Because why? I’m still the same person I was when I was 65 lbs. heavier.

“Let’s be honest, I’ve lost 65 lbs., but nobody’s going, ‘I wanna sleep with you!’

“They’re just like, ‘Keep going, you look better.’ “


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