Kevin Jonas Gets Reality Show


The oldest Jonas brother, Kevin Jonas, is the latest celebrity to get their own reality television show!

Kevin and his wife Danielle have teamed up with executive producerRyan Seacrest for a new reality series on E! Married to Jonas will follow the life of the newly married couple. The show will premiere August 19 at 10 pm and will also catalog Kevin’s journey as he begins to record new music with his brothers Joe and Nick.

Seacrest said to in a statement:

“I vividly recall believing from the very first time that I met them that the Jonas Brothers would, without a doubt, become a worldwide cultural sensation. When we learned that Dani married Kevin, our production team became curious about what life would be like for a young bride entering the excitement, and sometimes chaos, of a pop star’s life. Looking through the lens of young love, the show will examine the ups and downs of Dani and Kevin’s marriage, against the backdrop of their contrasting family cultures, traditions and individual careers.”

Danielle and Nick got married in December 2009. Since then Nick and Joe have launched solo careers apart from the Jonas Brothers, while Kevin took time off from the music business to enjoy married life. All three brothers currently reside in the New York area.

Are you ready for Married to Jonas???

Written by Michelle Wincott


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