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Ke$sha Song 'Die Young' Pulled from Radio Stations After Sandy Hook

In the wake of the Sandy Hooks Elementary massacre, one of Ke$ha’s hit songs is being pulled from radio stations across the nation.

According to Mediabase, as of this past Friday Ke$ha’s “Die Young” was one of top three songs playing on the radio, reaching nearly 167 million listeners. Unfortunately, the lyrics and song title hit a little too close to home.

Immediately following the Newtown incident, airplay of the song was reduced drastically – as of Monday, the song’s airplay dropped by 19 million listeners.

According to TMZ, a music expert explained that such an airplay drop is rare. The last time such an occurrence like this happened was in 2003 when the Dixie Chicks criticized President Bush. Following their comments, the band was banned from numerous country music radio stations.

Lyrics for Ke$ha's “Die Young” include “we’re gonna die young” and “let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young.”

While the 25-year-old singer has not commented on “Die Young” being dropped by radio stations, she took to Twitter on Friday to share “My heart goes out deeply to the people of Newtown, Connecticut.

Along with Ke$ha’s song, episodes of Fox’s Family Guy and American Dad and SyFy’s Haven may be nixed for potentially being offensive or too violent.

Do you think the media should postpone or eliminate any potentially offensive or violent videos and music during times of tragedy? Do you think Ke$ha’s song is too inappropriate to air on the radio in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hooks?


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