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Kerry Rhodes Claims Kim Kardashian's Baby Could Be His (Report)

Kerry Rhodes is still embroiled in a gay scandal involving his assistant, but now he is reportedly claiming that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter could actually be his.

According to, Rhodes sent a text message to his friends reading, "Man this could be my baby!! I was f------ her the same time as K.West was lol!!!,” along with a photo of him and a pregnant Kardashian in the gym.

A source for claims that Rhodes would go so far as to claim West and Kardashian’s baby is his just to prove he is not gay.

“Kerry wants everyone to think he’s straight," the source said. "He is so desperate that he will drag Kim Kardashian and Kanye West into this drama just so people can associate him with a woman instead of a man. It’s just sad at this point because everyone knows he’s gay.”

Meanwhile Rhodes’ ex-assistant, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson, who claims him and Rhodes had a relationship, is sticking to his story.


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