Kenny Loggins: No Money or Invite from New 'Footloose' Movie

Kenny Loggins will not get a penny from the new 'Footloose' movie that uses his hit song of the same title.

Loggins recorded 'Footloose' for the hit 1984 Kevin Bacon film and his 32-year-old song is played at the beginning of the new remake, but he won’t be receiving any cash thanks to a clause in the original contract.

Loggins explained to Access Hollywood Live: “It says that any sequels are covered in the original deal, so they consider this a sequel. They tried 10 different versions of the song and they kept re-cutting it because they wanted to capture that spirit of the original – and Blake (Shelton) came the closest.”

The tune is covered by country star Blake Shelton in the film.

Loggins says he wasn’t even consulted about the remake’s soundtrack or what was done with his song, and even worse, no one offered him an invite to the opening night: "I even had to ring and ask for tickets to the premiere.”


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