Kendra Wilkinson's Bedroom Secrets: Sex on a Jet Ski


Kendra Wilkinson, the 26-year-old former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, recently told US Weekly magazine that she and husband Hank Baskett have been exploring different locations to have sex.

"(My husband Hank Baskett and I) try to limit being in the bedroom as much as possible. We think about sleep (there) instead of sex, so we venture off into different places like the kitchen and the Jacuzzi."

She says that the couple got inventive on a recent trip to Mexico: "Hank and I had sex on a jet ski in Cabo. It was awesome. That's the fun of it. Sex is sex... I'm not a PDA person, but I like sex in cars and stuff!"

Wilkinson said that sex is always on her mind and in her new book 'Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails, and Getting My Sexy Back.'

"I think the word 'sex' is on almost every single page," she said. "I love sex. But you know, it's hard now with a baby. When you find that time, sex is not really the first thing you wanna think about. [It's] sleep!"

She has also opened up about her postpartum depression: "It got pretty bad, [but] not to the point where I would harm my family. I was a great mom and did what I needed to, but I was definitely very depressed. (Motherhood is) a big change in life and it happened overnight. At the time I was doing whatever I could for the baby, but I lost myself and it was really frustrating."

She added: "Being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure about losing the weight, (especially) coming from the Playboy world. Your baby is number one, 100 percent of the time, but I do still take 'me time,' you need to do that every now and then. I’m back to being that Kendra that everyone knew at the Playboy Mansion, but a lot more mature and grown up. I’m more aware of life."


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