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Kendra Wilkinson Wanted to Distribute Sex Tape Herself

You know all that whining yesterday on the part of Kendra Wilkinson? The part where she was humiliated and devastated and had no idea this tape would ever come to light? Well, she might be a better actress than we thought, or has some good people who are spinning faster than a gerbil on crack.

Radar Online got some documents that show Kendra formed a company about 18 months ago for the sole purpose of shopping the sex tape around to various companies. Kendra wanted all of the money. I guess she got busy with other things, or maybe Hank didn't want to see his pregnant wife on screen having sex with another guy. Who knows, but the matter was dropped until yesterday.

It cracks me up that people who willingly make these tapes express all this outrage and then justify later why they took the money. Oh yes. I am talking about you, Paris Hilton. "I didn't even know there was a tape. I was shocked." Oh, or Kim Kardashian who hated it and was devastated and all that, too, but keeps happily cashing those checks.


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