Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Assembly-Line Sex With Hugh Hefner

Kendra Wilkinson's book comes out next week. I have to say that if every part of it were like the excerpts that were released, it would be a great book. Unfortunately, though, I think it is going to be pretty lame and the only parts worth reading are the parts released.

So, we know from a past interview with Kendra that she went through a time in her life with drugs. Well, in her book she details it extensively. She did every drug you can think of, would slice herself with scissors until her arms bled, and was put into a mental institution for several weeks, where she tried to overdose on toothpaste because she heard that worked.

She also talks about being a stripper, and how she loved the power and money, and made enough money stripping that she paid for a new set of breasts in just two days of working. OK, that part I don't believe. I believe she made enough in two days, but I don't think she did it just by stripping.

"I worked for two straight nights to collect my boob job money and had them done. I had my dream boobs and business was good!"

Do you want to know what sex with Hugh Hefner was like? OK, well, read on.

"One of the girls asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to Hef’s room. In my head I could hear my mom’s voice: ‘You know they have orgies there.’ I said “Okay, if I have to.” It seemed like every other girl was going, and if I didn’t, it would be weird. One by one, each girl hopped on Hef and had sex with him… for about a minute. I studied their every move. Then it was my turn… it was very weird. I wasn’t thinking about how much older Hef was - all the body parts worked the same. I wanted to be there."

So, basically Hef just lies there and a line of women hop on and off him. Apparently he must have liked her one minute better than anyone else because he asked her to be his girlfriend the next day. Maybe he just woke up from a nap while she was on top of him. Is there a stopwatch and when a minute is reached, someone shouts out, "Next"?


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