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Kendra Wilkinson Gets Mad at the Scale

Kendra Wilkinson Baskettshared some extra details with OK!’s Last Word interview that you won't find in the issue on newsstands now.

Last time you ate at Papa John’s? The last time I ate Papa John’s … wow. I think I ate it one time after I worked there. Just one time, and that was it. It’s like a phobia now because the smell that was on my hands. I get really grossed out when I think of that pizza because I had to work with the pizza. [laughs]

I wonder about Pizza Hut though? 

Last time you felt guilty? The last time I felt guilty is probably right now after looking at my really sexy dress, and I ate a lot of P.F. Chang’s. [laughs]

Last time you felt angry? Oh, the last time I felt angry was probably when I stepped on the scale. I get so mad at how hard I’m working out, and I look good, but it’s not showing on the numbers. I’m like ‘dang it!’ Right now I feel like I’ve lost – and I look in the mirror like I’ve lost so much – but on the scale, it’s not telling me that. Otherwise, I don’t get angry.

Last time you worked out? [laughs] You’re getting me in trouble here. I’ve been busy, just to let you know. [laughs] The last time I worked out – a real good workout — was probably a week ago. A good week ago. Yeah. But I call going up and down the stairs with the baby a workout. That was today. A week ago was a good workout with my trainer.

I have a treadmill at my house, and some weights and all that. He put me on a 10% incline and made me sprint up because I love just getting it done. I love sweating and burning those calories. I don’t like to just walk, walk, walk. I like to get my heart rate up, and burn those calories. We also popped in my workout DVD, and I worked out to myself. [cackles]


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