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OK! Magazine: Kendra Wilkinson Has a Sex Tape

Apparently before Kendra moved out of Hugh Hefner's place and in with Hank, she was seeing someone else. I know, I know. Shocker! Kendra was cheating on her fake boyfriend Hef. Anyway, she and the guy decided to record a sex tape together, and she let him hang on to it because she trusted him.

OK! Magazine dug all of this up, and they must have been pleasantly surprised to actually get a story right. Kendra's people confirmed the existence of the sex tape. That makes OK! about 1 for 100 this year. But hey, keep plugging away at those Jennifer Aniston stories, people. One of these days, she will get married or get pregnant, and then you can say "I told you so," about a million times.

I think Kendra is about 24 now and she has been with Hank for two years. This must have been when she was maybe not even out of her teens. No one is saying who the guy is. I will go with athlete or record producer. Someone who needs money now. Oh, it could be Ray J.


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