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Kendra Wilkinson Had Multiple Sex Tape Partners

Well, things just keep getting worse and worse for Kendra Wilkinson, unless this was her nefarious plan all along. When we heard of her apparent sex tape, we thought, “Nahhhh…it couldn’t be!” (Yeah, right.) But now, the plot thickens!

Firstly, she tried peddling the sex tape herself. When that idea got shelved, Vivid Entertainment acquired the rights to it and has plans for a late May distribution. Now there’s this bombshell: Kendra was bangin’ multiple guys in the video! That has to bode well for her marriage!

Radar Online reports:

A document governing the potential sale of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape reveals that multiple partners were featured having intimate relations with the reality TV star, has learned exclusively.

Kendra is threatening to sue over the release of a sex tape she made when she was 18. Vivid obtained the tape and the porn company says it will soon distribute it.

So she basically decided to shelve the release of the tape once she nailed Hank Baskett. Now that she’s married with a baby, she doesn’t want it to get out.

Think she’ll emerge victorious in this battle? Or will they have some washed-up porn star come out with a statement telling her to take control of the tape’s release?

source: EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Kendra Had Multiple Partners In Sex Tapes - [radar online]

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