Kelly Rutherford Files for Bankruptcy


Kelly Rutherford, who starred in 'Gossip Girl,' is now completely broke due to a long legal battle over custody of her children.

Kelly fought her ex-husband German businessman Daniel Giersch for 50/50 custody of their two kids, Hermes, 6, and Helena, 4. But a judge ruled that the children would live with Daniel in Monaco because his Visa to the United States was revoked.

This angered Kelly, and prompted her to start the battle. She said she spent "every penny from Gossip Girl, my pension my stocks…fighting for my children." She even sold her apartment and lived with friends.

Now, she is filing for bankruptcy.

In legal documents, she said she has assets totaling $23,937 and has debts totaling $2,021,832. Her current monthly income is $1,279.33. At the height of Gossip Girl, she was making $486,000 a month.

Most of her debt comes from the legal fees for her divorce/custody battle, which total $1.5 million. She has asked a family law judge to make him pay the fee while she files for bankruptcy. 

On top of the legal fees, she also owes more than $350,000 in taxes and $25,251 in credit card charges.

She filed the bankruptcy petition last month. 

Sources: ICYDK


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