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Kelly Osbourne, Others Say Christina Aguilera is Mean, Spoiled Diva

Kelly Osbourne has never kept her dislike for Christina Aguilera a secret, but now she is putting Christina on blast calling her a “fat bitch.”

While at an event in Munich last month, Joan Rivers, who was hosting E!’s Fashion Police, commented on Aguilera looking like she was stuffed into her Givenchy dress saying she looked like “Snooki’s Scandinavian cousin,” – HA! 

Kelly Osbourne, also at the event, chimed in saying: ”Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don’t know. She was a (c-word) to me. And she bought my house! She called me fat for so many f-ing years, so you know what? F–k you! You’re fat too.”

So, laughing at people’s weight gain isn’t exactly a favorite pastime of mine, however, I cannot stand Christina Aguilera and have no problem dishing it out to her pretentious little self.

I have written numerous times about other celebrities commenting on how Aguilera acts as though she is Queen of the A-list everything, how she shuns people, disregards them or generally pisses on what she thinks is her territory, and hers alone, so Kelly Osbourne is not the only one who cannot stand Christina Aguilera.

Aguilera snubbed Avril Lavigne when Avril kindly introduced herself to Christina backstage at the Brit Awards in February. She snickered at Avril when Avril suggested they were both singers.

Julianne Hough says Christina Aguilera bullied her on the set of Burlesque and even became physical.

Pink is another artist who has never been able to stand plastic Christina, and in this video clip she talks a bit about it.

SEE Christina’s bitchy behavior below on video. Before a performance, and REEKING of arrogance, Christina takes a wad of gum from her mouth and throws it into the audience. Some say she tossed it to her “assistant,” but really? Either way, she’s doing the pissing thing I was referring to earlier.

In this video she really shows what an ice queen she is.

Stopping mid interview after someone on set coughs? Just wow.


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